Repair FAQs:

+ What is the turnaround time on your repairs?

Each phone is different. If we carry the parts in stock we can have it fixed between 15 mins and 1 hour depending on the current wait time in store. If we have to order the part it will take 3-5 business days for the part to arrive.

+ Does it cost to take a look at my phone and tell me whats wrong with it?

No we do not charge for diagnostics

+ What licenses do you have?

Currently the State of California requires a Electronics Repair License. We are currently licensed for all of our California Locations. Verify our license at

+ Do I need to pay before you work on my phone?

No we offer a solution based pricing struture. Basically if we can't fix it you don't pay. So thats why we don't require payment till after.

+ What if you discover something is broken when you open it?

We will notify you that may need an additional part. We won't install the part until you approve.

+ Can I make an appointment?

Unfortunately at this time we don't accept appointments. Our policy is first come first serve.

+ Do you do "housecalls"?

No we currently only offer our services in store.

+ Will any of my data be affected by the repair?

99% of the time data will not be affected. We do ALWAYS recommend backing up your device before repair if you can.

+ Do you offer a warranty?

Yes We offer varying warrantys on our parts and labor. Depending on the part it can be 45 days to 6 months. Most of our repairs include a 90 days warranty.

+ What does the warranty cover?

The warranty covers any defects in the parts. We will replace defective parts for no charge within the warranty period. It does not cover additional physical damage or water damage. Your receipt will include a detailed breakdown of our warranty.

+ Another business quoted me a lower price, Can you price match?

We don't price match for several reasons. Our parts have to meet our high standards and good parts are expensive. Our technicians go thru a vigorious training and testing process before they can even work on someone elses device. Our overall quality of repair is higher for these reasons. Unfortunately lower price and lower quality isn't better in a device that controls your communication to others.

+ Did you learn by going school or from watching Youtube videos?

We have all been professionally trained in house. Level 1 technicians go thru 30-60 days of training and Level 2 technicians go thru 6 months of training before they can be considered for a promotion. And our official answer on watching Youtube videos is Youtube does NOT make technicians.

+ Do you have commerical or business discounts?

Yes if you are a commercial client such as a business, school district, etc please contact us to set up a commerical account. The discount will be based on volume of devices repaired.

+ If I special order a part for my phone, How long will you hold it?

Currently we will hold the part for 6 weeks afterward it becomes eligible for resell.

+ If I leave my phone in your store how long will you hold it?

We know phones and devices are often expensive. So with that in mind we will hold your device for a period of 6 months. After 6 months we will donate or recycle your device. If you plan on needing more time we can hold your device longer than 6 months but we will have to charge a small storage fee. You must notify us before the 6 month period or your device will be recyled automatically. It is the customers responsiblity to claim their devices.

+ Does repairing my phone void my manufacturer warranty?

Well if your phone is broken due to physical damage (ex. cracked screen) your warranty with the manufacurer is already void. But if your phone is not physically damaged our repair may void your warranty but this is why we offer our hassle free warranty.

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