Ask and you shall receive! Introducing the NeXt Protection Plan.

This year we began by setting out to offer the services and options that our customers are requesting. If you been a customer of ours usually you receive a survey via email after our repair has been completed. Well we read every one of those surveys and we are rolling out several programs our customers have requested. Starting with the most requested.

Introducing the NeXt Protection plan. This has been our most requested new service for at least two years. It took a lot of work behind the scenes working with our customers, our suppliers, and our employees. Our goal with this program was to make it worth while for our customers by charging a very low price.

As many know we have a hassle free limited warranty included with every repair we complete. With the NeXt Plan our limited warranty will double. So for screens that have a 90 day warranty if you purchase the NeXt plan the warranty will double to 6 months. But as an added bonus we are including 1 accidental damage of the screen for an additional deductible. So if you have the NeXt plan you can have one broken screen replacement for a low deductible of $15. This is a major money savor for our customers. Example our current price for an iPhone 7 plus repair is $100 for a high quality screen. If you purchase the NeXt Plan for $9.99 and break the screen again and pay the $15 deductible. Your second screen replacement will have costed $25 total, saving our customers $75 in this example.

We have a handy FAQ section linked on this page. Currently this program will only be for iPhones or iPads. It will included all iPhones and iPads. We will be looking to expand this program in the future to include other devices. Currently we have to fix your phone first in order to purchase the plan. Temporarly if you recently got your device fixed and still under warranty we can add this plan to your account. You will have to come in to inspect the device. Some rescrictions will apply please review the terms and condtions when purchasing the NeXt Plan. We hope our customer will LOVE it. Please contact us with any questions.

We have many more annoucements coming this holiday season.

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us!

  • Tim L.