We finally did it! APPOINTMENTS!!!!! NEW Lower cost phone repairs! Must read!

Hello all,

We have few company updates to make our customers lives a little easier. First off our most request feature for the last seven years has been the ability to make appointments. We know everyone has busy lives and cannot always come in on our slow times. We also understand our busy times can have up to 2 hour wait times. So we tested a few different appointment systems over the last few months and we found one that works for everyone. We partnered with Square Appointments to launch our new appointment system. Now you can get your phone or tablet fixed on your time not ours. There is three ways to make an appointment either in-person, on the phone, or simply thru our online booking page. The link for that booking page is all over our website or you can find it right here.

There is a few restrictions. First the appointment must be made at least 4 hours in advance in order for us to accommodate our walk-in customers. Second you must arrive 15 mins early or your appointment can be cancelled or delayed. Finally changes can only be made up to 2 hours before your appointment. We are really excited to start offering this to our customers.

Next we have been very busy with at least half a dozen new projects and services to make you get more out of just the local phone repair shop. Our focus for 2019 is improve the services we offer and save you even more money. Our customer service rating is already amazing as you can see right here. But we are constantly working on a project to improve that. We have a couple new projects launching over the next few weeks.

For a little sneak preview when they are ready we are going to launch refer-a-friend a reward program for referrals. A loyalty program for those customers with big families or prone to breaking their phone. And finally a project we are ready to test today. Internally code named Project Switch, it is a program that will offer low cost screen replacements to our most expensive devices. We are talking $150+ off if your phone qualifies. We are testing it currently for the following phones: iPhone X, iPhone XR, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, Galaxy S8/S8 Plus, Galaxy S9/S9 Plus, and Note 8. Come in or give us a call to see if your phone qualifies for this program. We are opening up testing for this new program today!

Finally we have recently expanded our service offerings to include not only Phones and tablets but we are also fixing laptops and video game consoles now. Our goal is still to give you the best repair we can with our industry leading service and policies to help our customers everyday. Our last announcement for today is simple. We are always working on improving and for the last two months we have been testing greatly improved quality of high quality aftermarket iPhone screens. If you haven’t experienced our new high quality screens the time is now. And guess what the price is not increasing even though our quality has.

Look forward to more announcements coming soon! ;)

-Tim L.

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